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View some of our Buyers below. These include Private Equity Groups (PEGS), Family Offices, Search Funds and Existing Businesses seeking "add on" Acquisitions to grow their Businesses. 

We also are in contact with Individual Buyers, Serial Entrepreneurs that are seeking business and can use SBA 7a loans and or ROBS, AKA Rollover as Business Startups Funds. They can use a Combination of their existing 401-k or IRA along with a SBA 7a loan to fund the purchase of your business.

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Below is a small sampling of the hundred's of buyers in our Business Buyes Database that includes Large Institutional Buyers, Private Equity Groups, Family Offices. Some are seeking new platforms, (Min $2m to $5m EBITDA) some seeking "Add On’s" to existing holdings (Min $500k to $1mm EBITDA) We also are working with dozens of  Individual Buyers seeking businesses with at least $100k of Sellers Discretionary Earnings.
Type of Business Buyer are interested in Min Gross or Net Income Required
Add Ons for Healthcare software focused on operations of skilled, unskilled homecare, Skilled Nursing Facilities $500K+ EBITDA
Asset-light business services or software companies (no construction, no heavy manufacturing, etc), Recurring revenue  or highly repetitive customer base $500K + of EBITDA
Auto Aftermarket, Business/Industrial Services, Consumer Services, Healthcare Services, Transportation/Logistics, Value-added Distribution,  $3M+ EBITDA
Auto After-market, Distribution, Industrial Services, Transportation, Logistics $750k+ EBITDA 
Auto Aftermarket, Industrial Services, Healthcare Services, Transportation/Logistics, Value-added Distribution $3M+ EBITDA
B2B and Tech-enabled Services and Products, Tech, Software (legacy and SaaS), Consumer Products and Services, eCommerce, Transportation, and Insurance Services $1M+ EBITDA
B2B service/tech-enabled service company,Healthcare/Pharma Services or Human Resources $2M - $6M in EBITDA 15%+ EBITDA margins
B2B Services, 3PL, Software, with Low Cap Ex $2M to $10M EBITDA
B2B Services, Software, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Food Ingredients and Light Manufactuing $2MM+ EBITDA
Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Rehab Clinincs and Facilities  $500k+ EBITDA 
Building & Landscaping Materials
Green Waste (Recycling, Disposal)
Excavating Services
Irrigation & Water Management, Landscaping & Hardscape Services, Wholesale Nursery Garden Centers, Wholesale Plant Growers, Sod Farms, Tree Farms
$1M + of EBITDA
Business services / niche manufacturing $300k+ EBITDA 
Business Services / Professional Services, Specialty Staffing & HCM, Legal / Insurance Services, 3PL, Contract Research, Engineering Services, IT Services, Benefit Administration, Airport Services, Disaster Recovery, AR & AP Management $7M - $30M of EBITDA with >10% EBIT margins
Business services in the food/beverage industry, Education management, Pet services $1mm Ebitda  
Business services industry (professional services not blue collar trades) $500k + EBITDA
Business Services, Healthcare Services, Specialty Manufacturing $3M to $15M of EBITDA
Business Services, Industrial Maintenance & Repair, $2M+ EBITDA
Business Services, Industrial Maintenance & Repair, & other industries undergoing technology-based disruption $2M+ EBITDA
Business services, manufacturing, healthcare, value-added distribution,  e-commerce, sporting goods, adhesives, dental products $750k+ EBITDA 
Business services, Professional services, Technology services, Healthcare services, Industrial services, Energy & renewables services, etc.  EBITDA between $750K and $2MM   
Business Servies, Software, Value-Add Distribution $1.5MM+ EBITDA $5mm Rev
CNC Contract manufacturing, Metal stamping, Metal fabrication, Welding & assembly, Foundries & Forger, Metal distribution, Coating engraving, Heat treaters, Plastic product manufacturing, Wood products manufacturing. $10 million+ of revenue or Distressed Oppourtunities
Consumer services, manufacturing, healthcare, value-added distribution, franchisors, internet & e-commerce $750k + in EBITDA
Consumer, food & beverage, light manufacturing and business services $5M+ of Annual EBITDA; Any size for Add-ons
Cyber security and software development companies $3m+ of EBITDA
Defense, Healthcare, Medical $500K+ EBITDA
Digital Media & Advertising
Online Platforms
Marketing Technology, Demand Generation & Customer Acquisition, ecommerce
Digital Media & Advertising, ecoomerce, Online Platforms $1mm + EBITDA
disposable and consumable medical product companies that sell their products to hospitals, physician offices and medical specialties $500k+ EBITDA
Distribution, Manufacturing, Business Services,  $2mm to $5mm EBITDA
Distribution, Manufacturing, Business Services,  $1mm to $3mm EBITDA
Drive thru with pits, Single and Multi-location,  with or without  self-serve, express, full-serve, or flex car wash $500k+ REV
financial services, business services, specialty finance, industrial, agriculture, media and telecom, healthcare services, technology enabled services, $1mm EBITDA $5MM Rev
food ingredients, agriculture inputs, high value agribusinesses, food/ agri processors and manufacturers, critical midstream infrastructure EBITDA: $4 – 10m
Health care or Business Services $1M  - $2.5 M EBITDA
Healthcare and other service industries Revenue > $5M and EBITDA > $1.5M
Healthcare Nursing, therapies, hospice, palliative care, adult day care, and attendant care services
Specialized on-site services (DME, diagnostic testing, etc.)Patient support services (remote monitoring, transportation, nutrition, etc.)
$750k - $4MM EBITDA
Healthcare or Heathcare Services $500k to $2.5MM EBITDA
Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management businesses that have Hopitals as customer base, $5mm+ Rev with $750+ EBITDA
healthcare services business, Home Health, Hospice, Home Care, Home Infusion, Behavioral Health, Specialty Pharmacy, Pharma Services EBITDA of $750K - $5M
Healthcare Software, Healthcare Trainning, Tech Services for Skilled or Unskilled Homecare $500k+ EBITDA
Healthcare, Pedicatric Dental, Ambulitory Infusion Serivices, ecommerce Nutritional Suppliments, Plumbing Infrasctucture,  $3M+ EBITDA less for add ons. 
Healthcare-Related Clinics and Allied Businesses, including Primary care & Specialty clinics, Mental Health Centers & Clinics, Rehabilitation Clinics & Hospitals,  $10mm + EBITDA
Home Health, Hospice, Home Care, Home Infusion, Behavioral Health, Specialty Pharmacy, Pharma Services EBITDA of $750K - $5.0M
HVAC, refrigeration, and plumbing services acquisitions $500k + EBITDA
HVAC, Refrigeration, Controls, Mechanical Services with Majority service revenue $15M+ Rev
Indicators, Light pipes, Switches, Displays, etc, PCB assembly, wire harness/cable assembly, and plastic injection molding $5 + million of annual revenue
Industiral Services, Equipment and Building Repair and Maintence $1MM+ EBITDA
Lab consumables, trade schools, aerospace mfg $2m - $15m of revenue
landscaping,  commercial cleaning,  food processing,  waste hauling,  transportation/trucking and logistics, warehousing and manufacturing. At least 40 employees $1mm to $5mm EBITDA
Maintenance & repair, fire & security systems, water & wastewater systems, value-added distribution, professional or compliance training $500k+ EBITDA
Majority Recap in business services that provide management, scientific and technical consulting  $3MM+ EBITDA
Manafacturing, Distribution, 3PL 1 - 2.5M EBITDA
Managed logistics solutions $5MM+ EBITDA
Managed Services Provider or IT Companies with high recurring revenue $2m+ of EBITDA, $10MM+ Rev
Manufactruing, Logistics, Powersports, Plastics Compounding $2.5mm+ EBITDA
Manufacturer Distributor of consumables, instruments and equipment in Healthcare, Education & Training and Business Services $1.5 mm+ EBITDA 
Manufacturers of industrial devices, sensors, equipment and instruments $1-3 mil. EBITDA
Manufacturers of industrial devices, sensors, machinery and instruments $5mm+ Rev
Manufacturing Auto After Market, Plumbing Infrastructure Replacement and Repiping Services,  $500k + EBITDA
Manufacturing Food, Packaging, Consumer Products, Franchisors and/or Multi-Location Franchisees. B2B Service Companies $1.5MM+ EBITDA  
Manufacturing Machinery and Instruments $5mm+ Rev
Manufacturing Machinery and Instruments, Heavy on Assets and Receivables $500k+ EBITDA
Manufacturing or Steel Processing Any EBITDA
Manufacturing, Architectural products, Building Materials, Engineered Products, Documant Management $1mm + EBITDA
Manufacturing, Bottling/Packaging, Private Label, co-manufacturing or branded with their own manufacturing $1mm+ EBITDA
Manufacturing, business services, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and technology $1mm+ EBITDA
Manufacturing, business services, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and technology EBITDA of $1MM-$10MM
manufacturing, industrial, or industrial service businesses Less than $5m in EBITDA    
manufacturing, services, technology, distribution  $1.5 + million of EBITDA
Manufacturing, Value-dded distribution, and business and facility services sectors $3MM+ EBITDA
Marketing, Graphic Design, Construction, Real Estate $500k+ Descretionary Earnings
Music Schools, Music retail Stores with lessons $500k+ Gross Rev
Niche Manufacturing, Healthcare Services, Waste Management Services, Industrial Services,  $500K-$7M of EBITDA
Niche Manufacturing, Specialty Manufacturing, $1M-$5M EBITDA
Outsourced healthcare, and Legal Services, Restoration / Remediation Services, Home & Facilities Services Contractors $1.5-7M EBITDA
Performance marketing, Amazon/marketplace optimization, ecom development & integration, and software platforms related to marketing & ecommerce $10M - $100M revenue Businesses that are profitable
Pet-Related Businesses, Business Services and Software companies with Recuring Revenue $1mm+ EBITDA
Plumbing and HVAC, Residential Service, Repair & Replacement $2.5m+  revenue & 10+ techs/plumbers
Professional Services, 3PL, Contract Research, Engineering Services, IT Services, Benefit Administration, Airport Services, Disaster Recovery $7MM + EBITDA
Restrautns Multi Units $5mm to $15mm EBITDA
SaaS and HOA companies, B2B Service Companies,  $400k + EBITDA
Security, High-speed and specialty doors, Bullet-proof glass, specialty locks, and vaults, Secure drive-thru’s, vestibule lockers, vacant property, and secure merchandising  fixtures $5M+ Rev
Senior Living Care Facilities,  $10M + Revenue
service (IT, business, & healthcare), distribution, security, manufacturing, tech-enabled, SaaS, and e-commerce. $200k+ EBITDA for "Add Ons"
Service Companies (including software and technology),  $1.5M - $5M EBITDA
Services, niche manufacturing and industrials businesses, Installation, repair and maintenance for complex / critical industrial equipment. Manufacturers of high importance industrial input components $1M-$5M of EBITD
specialized manufacturing, value-added distribution, and business and facility services sectors EBITDA of $3 million
Supply chain and logistics, Specialty packaging and labeling, Compliance and certification $2MM + EBITDA
Technology, eCommerce, Logistics, and Professional Services  $1.5MM+ EBITDA
Test, inspection, and certification services,  Tech-enabled industrial services, Engineered product manufacturing $2-5 million of EBITDA
Business services, software & tech-enabled services, value-added distribution, and light manufacturing $2-5 million of EBITDA


Click the button below to get your Free CMA Sold Business Report so you can see what businesses like yours are actually selling for. 
Free Sold Business CMA Report sent to your email